Signed & Sealed

A new era for the string of pearls!

For centuries, pearl lovers have had to put up with fragile strings in their necklaces and bracelets. Particular care had to protect their treasures from wear and tear and humidity. Periodical restringing was necessary to avoid loosening or even tearing of the string, usually made of cotton or silk.

With Signed & Sealed, this is past history. Pearl experts at Golay's have developed this revolutionary and patented concept to offer today's women security, comfort and new fascinating ways of combining strings of pearls.

A fine, multiple-stranded steel thread with a protective coating replaces the traditional string. It is tear free and inalterable and yet smooth as silk. Small spacers prevent friction between the pearls. Both ends of the thread are permanently sealed in steel; one side is engraved with the Golay name, which guarantees the quality of every pearl on the string, as well as that of the entire piece of jewellery.

With Signed & Sealed, there is no more need to definitely choose the pearls in combination with a specific clasp, and then leave them with the jeweller for stringing. Signed & Sealed necklaces and bracelets are ready to wear. Each one comes with its clasp, consisting of a universal bayonet catch that very conveniently links the two ends of the pearl string.

The original clasp can be substituted by interchangeable clasps in gold, platinum or silver, available in different shapes and sizes, many of them with diamonds and other decorative elements. In addition to the readily available models from Golay and specialized clasp manufacturers, goldsmiths are free to create their individual designs with the universal bayonet catch. A wide variety of interchangeable clasps can thus be used at any time to adapt the string of pearls to another dress, another mood, another occasion.

And more: the universal clasp system can also link two or several necklaces and bracelets together to be worn as a multiple bracelet or choker, as a sautoir, as a belt

With Signed & Sealed, the string of pearls has entered a new era.