1887Louis-Auguste Golay established company in Switzerland.
1894First visit to Japan.
1912Louis-Auguste and his son Auguste-Julien, lapidaries and traders, registered a joint-stock company under the name of "Golay Buchel & Cie SA".
1914Started to work with Mikimoto for pearl business.


1932They began cutting and polishing genuine and synthetic stones and set up a workshop to manufacture watchmakers’s tools.
1944Golay Buchel set up a social institution.
1947The company moved to Lausanne.


1954The expansion abroad began in France. Soon Golay Buchel had outlets in important gemstone and cultured pearl center in Europe, Japan, South-East Asia and the USA.
1968The company introduced modern management structure. The various divisions were placed under the umbrella of Golay Buchel Holding SA. A production unit was set up in France to cut genuine and synthetic gemstones.


1977Establishment of Golay Buchel Japan K.K.
1979Golay Buchel pioneered industrial-scale cutting of Cubic Zirconia.
1985Golay Buchel Holding SA went public and had its shared quoted on the Swiss Stock Exchange.
1986Establishment of Golay Buchel Trading K.K.
1987The group started in retail activities, which led to the creation of its Oro Vivo shops.
1988Establishment of SSP Tokyo K.K.
1997The company moved into its new headquarters in Lausanne.


2001Golay introduced the "Golay Pearls Quality Label" destined to become a worldwide reference for the quality of cultured pearls.
2003Golay marked the history of the pearl with its patented concept of permanently strung chains of pearls on a steel thread, "Signed & Sealed"
2004The Group sold its Oro Vivo retail operation in Europe to concentrate on its original activities with pearls and jewelry stones.
2008Norinvest Holding SA purchased Golay Buchel Holdings.
2009Mr. Paulo Marques conducted MBO on part of the Golay Buchel Group and established Louis Golay International SA.
2010Louis Golay International conducted a friendly take over of 2 former Golay Buchel group companies: Golay Buchel Japan and SSP Tokyo. Mr. Marques sold 40% share to Golay Buchel Holdings. Golay Buchel Trading changed its name to Louis Golay Japan and the head office moved to Kobe from Osaka.
2012Golay Buchel Japan KK is merged with Louis Golay Japan KK