The House of beauty

Ugo Cala Firenze has always been the expression of top quality Italian jewellry.

A style born from the passion for uniqueness and the creative spirit of those who know the true signicance of the jewel.

The UgoCala Firenze creations are the symbol of a timeless emotion. Florence, powerhouse of dreams and art, is the scenario for the elective affinities of craftmanshop and beauty, the perfect backdrop for a star of the beauties such as Ugo Cala Firenze.


Light and Colour are the absolute protagonists; the Ugo Cala Firenze are the fruit of an intensive research into style and artistic perfection.

Each creation vibrates with the energy of the origional elements; stone and metal, clasped for millennia within the embrace of the Earth and then passed to expert hands to be reborn to new life in a magical fusion of light and matter.

Perfection, essentially

UgoCala Firenze expresses its stylic research through the essentiality and the synthesis that lead to perfection. Clean signs bond with abstract concepts that arouse emotions and enthral though thier overbearing harmony. UgoCala Firenze belives in the power of ideas: this is why it makes significant investments in stylistics research and design, inexhaustible mines of beauty and emotions.

Each Piece is unique

In every Jewel from the Ugo Cala house glitters the leitmotif triggered by a desire, by an ideal concepts of the beautiful that is brought through the expert hands of craft jewellers.