Roman Buechi

Designer : Roman Buechi

Louis Golay & Pearl

With 120 years of history and tradition behind it, Louis Golay is now combining its technical expertise and its vast knowledge and experience of pearls. Louis Golay has created a new vision of pearls which is now more up-to-date and modern thanks to a unique collection.

A fusion of treasures from the earth and the sea, the new Pearl2 collection accomplished the impossible by squaring the circle and elevating the pearl whilst making it more modern and wearable on a day-to-day basis.

Louis Golay


Never seen before...

Pearls are round in shape; thats the character. But Louis Golay liked to show Square daringly. That was very fresh idea Louis Golay came up, because Louis Golay mastered in all knowledges about Pearls. Louis Golay pushed the frontiers about Pearl Jewelry in Europe.

The exclusive persons who know real luxury of Jewelry and wear various Jewelries can wear Pearl2 with playful spirits, sometimes elegant and in sometimes Casual wear.



  • Handmade by craftsman in Switzerland and Italty
  • Designer : Roman Buechi
  • Cut Pearls into square with todays technology and know-how
  • Sort the pearls by Colour, Shine and Quality with closed paid-attention.