With his own signature on every item, Cesare Bizzotto guarantees not only the originality of his jewellery, but also the passion, creativity, and personal experience his name has come to signify. Cesare Bizzotto’s love affair with gold dates back forty years, to when Asolo Gold was first set up. It was here that the goldsmith started designing, creating, and marketing gold chains. This is a sector in which constant research and absolute excellence in terms of quality are fundamental for competitiveness, and it is this that enabled first Asolo Gold and then Cesare Bizzotto to enter new markets throughout the world.

Cesare Bizzotto spent years building up his vast understanding of jewellery, his perfectly honed technical skills, and his refined sense of beauty. This allowed him to cherish a secret dream, which eventually came true in 2008: that of creating a collection that would bear his name and encapsulate all the tangible and intangible values of timeless jewellery. A collection that would speak of an ancient culture, to be handed down from one generation to the next.