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About Privacy Policy
Louis Golay International SA operates a website (the "Company" and), the basis of the principle of respect for personality and mission of the public as the companies that handle personal information and formulated a privacy policy for this is committed to protecting your privacy and proper handling.
- Acquisition of Personal Information -
Upon Registration and inquiries to the customer may ask you to provide personal information in the form of inputs such as forms, you know the reach and purpose of collection, you agree to will be collected on.
- Personal information -
information you provide to us than our customers, will be used only when necessary to perform such contact contact us.
In addition, due regard Notice received from our newsletter, we will stop future delivery of information from you if you request.
We [are] available to third parties unless one of the following are true, providing that you disclose your personal information to third parties.
1. The prior consent of the customers consent.
2. If we are commissioned to subcontractors to the extent of legitimate use.
For contractors, we will operate a limited company to properly manage the trust placed well in the protection of personal information management and operation.
3. If we use the extent of the legitimate use
4. If there is a provision in the law.
5. If there is an urgent need.
Personal Information Management] [
Our management of personal information for unauthorized access, disclosure, etc. to prevent the destruction, and reasonable safety measures.
Disclosure of personal information [,] correct information about removing
our personal information entrusted to us, if the wish to correct or delete your personal information is disclosed, in accordance with prescribed procedures your identity we after confirming that it will respond promptly to the extent reasonable and necessary.
- Compliance with applicable laws and regulations and guidelines -
Our Personal Information Protection Act, will comply with applicable laws and regulations and other guidelines.

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